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Tally katz-Gerro

I am a sociologist of culture, consumption, environment, and inequality in the department of Sociology at the University of Haifa, affiliated also with the department of Social Economics at the University of Turku, Finalnd. I recently concluded two terms as member of the executive committee and treasurer of the European Sociological Association. I currently serve as vice-president of the Israel Sociological Society.

On-going projects include: The field of art in Israel: An empirical examination of the canon (with Tamar Yogev); Environmental habitus cross-nationally (with Itay Greenspan and Femida Handy, US-Israel Binational Science Foundation); Cosmopolitanism among youth in Israel, France, and Brazil (with Vincenzo Cicchelli, Sylvie Octobre, and Viviane Riegel); cultural consumption and social comparison (with Art Alderson, US-Israel Binational Science Foundation), and ecosystem services (with Michele Portman and Daniel Orenstein, Ministry of Environmental Protection). Please see more details under RESEARCH. A quick glance at recent research:

Curriculum Vitae


Edited Journal Special Issues

Katz-Gerro, Tally. 2015. Cultural Policy in International Perspective.
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Halkier, Bente, Tally Katz-Gerro, and Lydia Martens. 2011. Applications of Practice Theory in Sociology of Consumption.
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Chapters in Books

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Other Publications

Katz-Gerro, Tally. 2010. Environmental Attitudes and Behavior of Students at the University of Haifa. Working paper. copy

Katz-Gerro, Tally. 2011. Book review of Foodies: Democracy and Distinction in the Gourmet Foodscape.
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Under Review

Between the Global and National Culture Paradigms: Theorizing the Consumption of Culture across Countries (with Jordi Lopez-Sintas and Omar Lizardo).

Cultural Stratification in Comparative Perspective: Individual and Contextual Correlates of Participation and Attitudes (with Art Alderson and Tom VanHeuvelen).

Personal Value Types and Environmental Behaviors in Four Countries: Biospheric, Universalism, Benevolence, and Conformity Revisited (with Itay Greenspan, Femida Handy, and Hoon-Young Lee).

Environmental Tastes as Predictors of Environmental Opinions and Behaviors (with Daniel Orenstein and Jan Dick).


On-Going Projects

Environmental Habitus: The Intergenerational Transmission of Environmental Behaviors in Cross-National Comparison (BSF grant 2015-2018 with Itay Greenspan and Femida Handy)
Recent scholarly attention finds that individuals’ pro-environmental orientation is related to their parents’ pro-environmental values, attitudes,
and behaviors, and that family socialization exerts a significant influence on young people’s pro-environmental orientations and behaviors.
This research takes environmental behavior into the family domain, and proposes to investigate the links between environmental behaviors of three generations to measure the impact of cultural and economic contexts on intergenerational transmission of environmental behaviors. Our main theoretical heuristic is the notion of environmental habitus, arguing that a pro-environmental stance may run in the family, not necessarily because individuals follow the imperatives of the environmental movement or because they hold an environmental ideology, but because their families hold values and behavioral dispositions of frugality, modesty, or conservation that have consequences for everyday pro-environmental behavior. Furthermore, we examine environmental habitus comparatively, asking if it takes different forms in three different national contexts – Israel, the United States, and South Korea. These countries are characterized by different cultural and economic contexts, different framings of environmental issues, and different historical trajectories starting from pre-World War II and continuing up to today. We will conduct surveys in the three countries through online panels. We will interview parents and their children, and ask the parents questions about their own parents. An additional source of data will be focus groups aimed at better contextualizing and interpreting the results of the surveys. Our research will contribute to the understanding of the determinants of environmental behavior, the cross-national differences in environmental behavior, and the influence of intergenerational social reproduction on environmental issues.

Institutionalized Canon:Cultural Economics of the Visual Arts in Israel 1998-2011 (with Tamar Yogev) The research proposed seeks to document and analyze recent developments in the artistic canon in museums in Israel, during the years 1998-2011. Museums are significant social institutions, being major depositories of cultural and educational values and major visitor attractions. Museums are also major recipients of public money, therefore significant questions arise as to the way public money shapes an artistic canon and influences the production and consumption of art. Limiting the research to museums that received financial support from the government, we analyze the features of art presented in those museums as indicative of the artistic canon. We focus on the following dimensions in the analysis of the works of art: local vs. international artists, traditional art vs. avant-garde art, and among Israeli artists – those of Western origin (Ashkenazi) vs. those of Eastern origin (Mizrachi). Further, we look at the ways in which artistic canon is shaped by the cultural economics of art institutions, for example diversity in funding sources, geographic location, and volume of activity. We employ a unique source of data, drawn from reports which systematically cover dozens of qualitative and quantitative parameters pertaining to the characteristics of museums in the period under study.

Cultural Consumption in Europe: Participation, Attitudes, and Barriers (with Art Alderson)
The proposed paper presents a cross-national analysis of participation in a variety of cultural activities, perceived barriers to such participation such as lack of money/information/interest, and attitudes toward cultural participation. We use the most recent comprehensive dataset on cultural consumption, Eurobarometer 2007, which includes information from 29 European countries. We discuss three main themes. First, we test the claim that in more affluent societies larger proportions of the population participate in a broad range of cultural activities, compared with less affluent societies. Second, we analyze the extent to which different types of barriers and attitudes shape patterns of cultural participation in different countries. Third, we ask to what extent individual differences in cultural participation are due to individual characteristics or country characteristics.

Ecosystem Services Assessment from the Mountain to the Sea:A Multidisciplinary Method for Defining Ecosystem Service Indicators Across Landscape Units (with Michele Portman and Daniel Orenstein)
Methodologies for identifying, quantifying and analyzing ecosystem services (ES) on land and sea are only beginning to evolve worldwide and are lacking in Israel. We propose conducting a case study of multidisciplinary ES assessment across a transect of landscape units to: 1) select indicators for valuing ecological, economic and social aspects of ES, 2) develop a GIS-based method for defining the spatial dimensions of ES, and 3) apply the method to policy-making for spatial planning and natural resource management. To value ES of various types (provisioning, regulating, supporting and cultural) we will integrate diverse disciplinary approaches including targeted interviews with experts and local residents, collection of data about income generation from ecosystem services, public questionnaires employing contingent valuation methods, and laboratory visualization experiments to query aesthetic preferences. We will then normalize and rank data for selected ES and generate comparable indicator values, which will be made spatially explicit across the ecosystem gradient from the Carmel Mountain to the Mediterranean Sea. Contributions of this research include: 1) development of methods for assessing ES at the local scale that can be replicated nationally; 2) the creation of a spatially-explicit, policy relevant method for mapping high-priority areas of ES provision; 3) strengthening the role of stakeholders (e.g. policy-makers and resource users) in determining ES priorities. Special effort will be made to examine how ecosystem service assessment and management can be coordinated with existing management programs and approaches, including the Carmel Biosphere Reserve, National Outline Plans, and integrated coastal zone management.

Graduate Students

Adva Ne'eman-Avramovich (MA), Social Bases of Environmental Concern and Behavior in Israel. Completed 2004.

Talia Goldstein-Avrahami (MA), Consumption patterns and material possession in Israel: measures of inequality and cultural differences among social groups (with Alisa Lewin). Completed 2005.

Taya Schneider (MA), A cross-national comparison of cultural snobs and omnivores. Completed 2005.

Doron Shor (MA), A cross-national comparison of gender differences in lifestyles.Completed 2005.

Elena Sagan (MA), Aesthetic dispositions, attitudes toward patronage in the arts, and social distinction. Completed 2007.

Sarit Burger (MA), The effect of cultural policy on cultural consumption. Completed 2007.

Sharon Ronen (MA), Consumption of brands among women living in poverty. Completed 2009.

Noam Negri (MA), The adoption of mobile players in the digital age. Completed 2009.

Tal Feder (MA), Culture and numbers: cultural policy in Israel 1948-2008. Completed 2011.

Anat Schlisselberg (MA), Coverage of water issues in the media. Completed 2011.

Maya Ginsburg (MA), Comparative environmental load and societal structure between two settlements (with Avraham Hayim). Completed 2014.

Mor Shavsha (MA), Characteristics and motives for purchasing second hand cloth: identity and pro-environmental attitudes (with Rakefet Sella-Sheffy). Proposal approved.

Heli Leibovici (MA), Cosmopolitanism among youth in divided societies. in preogress.

Sharon Raz (PhD), Consumption as a social stratification mechanism (with Meir Yaish). Completed 2011.

Lucy Michales (PhD), Israelis’ responses to climate change (with Alon Tal and Yaakov Garb at Ben-Gurion University). Completed 2013.

Dana Avital (PhD), Continuity and change in leisure patterns in retirement – micro and macro (with Haya Steir and Noah Lewin-Epstein at Tel Aviv University. Completed 2015.

Tal Feder (PhD), Cultural policy in international perspective. Proposal approved.

Yossi Kesner (PhD), Cultural consumption at the interface between nationalism and globalization. In progress.


Short Courses in English

Environment, Science, and Community

The course provides an overview of several issues that take center stage in the sociological study of the relationship between environment and society: environmental justice, attitudes,behavior, values, and more. Special emphasis is given to the way consumer society and consumer culture shape the way individuals and societies affect built and natural environments.

Perspectives on Consumption, Culture, and Inequality

The course reviews theoretical and empirical research about the intersection of consumer behavior, cultural stratification, and social inequality.

Culture and Stratification

The course provides a broad overview of different theoretical approaches that address the topic of culture and stratification and focus on state of the art of international empirical research and methodology that address this issue.

Courses in Hebrew

Introduction to Sociology
Issues in Consumer Culture
Doing Research on Cultural Consumption
Thesis Writing Workshop
Environmental Attitudes and Environmental Justice


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